The East Hills Consensus Group operated as a unified community collaboration that addresses concerns and issues within the community. Aiming to promote a positive image of the East Hills community, our goal is to address issues affecting residents of the community, including improving the quality of life, beautification, public safety, and youth.



The East Hills Consensus Group was created in 2010 by Ms. Diane I. Daniels, a resident of the East Hills neighborhood to address critical issues pertaining to the neighborhood which were not being met. Over the years, the EHCG has increased its capacity to more effectively advocate for the residents of East Hills. Most recently, the EHCG partnered up with the City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning to create the East Hills Community Visioning Plan. The creation of this plan was the result of over a year of collaborative engagement and surveying East Hills residents about their sentiments, concerns, and aspirations regarding the state of the neighborhood. The finalization of the visioning plan would not have been possible without assistance from the City of Pittsburgh, engaged East Hills residents, and our allied organizations. As we move forward with our efforts to implement of the goals of the plan, we are looking to grow our capacity through building our membership and forming new relationships with organizations with an affinity for our work.



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